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generated in 1988, man. My passion for a healthy lifestyle, travel (but I'm not talking about the destination but the journey itself, transport, maybe it stems from my love of country music), and here the first paradox, do not intend to ever do license J. cowboy without a horse.I like music from the 70 -90. Kitchen - my kingdom. I observed that I am fickle, once said, never do some things that I do not like this or that. Today, these are my passions.
I live in a small town with 9 Vistula churches for 20 000 people. 1 out temple on 2,222 persons. Sometimes I get the impression that everyone knows everyone.
my fatherAging, simple laborer, who claims that under communism was better. He has a great disadvantage greed. It is like a child who sees candy, will not rest until you eat the entire package, not to mention the fact that it tablespoons of mayonnaise. Despite all this graying chudzinka.
MomAccidentally woke her demon. Once the gray dressed as an old man with no taste, I helped her change the style and femininity recover the selection of appropriate clothing. The side effects are scary. At least once a week buys a new purse, because 38 is the only remaining basis, every day visit the second-handy. Dear woman although sometimes gets furious over nothing. Maybe it ... menopause?
GrandmotherWell, a woman of 80-something. Although he has his house, he leads a nomadic life, every week living with someone else. With age and quite intense life he begins slowly bzikować, but he is loved.

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