środa, 16 listopada 2016

Father Director

Today's the day I made a cool video with the Father Director, I've found a song that is like him and I mixed video. It was cool so I decided to make that claim. I gave the file to wrzutę.pl and service bigbrother. Well, what it turned out, there mohery sit at the controls. After a few minutes my file zosrta; l removed from wrzuta.pl (even though I did not violate any norms of behavior and legal, simply was O. Rydzyku). Wkurwiło me! Online bigbrother also mysteriously only this file does not work (the other films work). It scared me, but I'm stubborn, I put a video on you tube, there gop far no one has not reset. Dam this clip also here for you :-)

I warn portal wrzuta.pl and service bigbrother control mohery!

Enjoy watching and listening

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