środa, 16 listopada 2016


As a student on a part-time, to the unemployed, to live not to die ... but that hardly distinguish these states. He gets up at 11, I go to bed at 3, Utyl 10 kg ... it freaked me the most because one of my New Year's resolutions was losing a little tummy. Now I have two :-) A little more and I'll be looking by nature sensor. After all, I started practicing again in my small home gym :-) I encouraged my mother and I became her personal trainer. A good laugh! I do not what to do, all the friends in switches and schools and I was in slippers in front of the TV watching,, perfect housewife "of Rescue! Today me a little drying up after yesterday's family przelewanku with her cousin. You could say that the hangover is the only bodily sensation that I had this year.

I throw a song that will speak for me ... bring me some water ... because me drought.

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